Husbandry School Visit October ’16

This week our level 5 diploma students attended The Husbandry School, Ashburton for one of their many enrichment days.  We sent along one of our office staff, armed with a notebook and camera.  This is what he reported… By the look of the long, steep country lane that our bus driver Ian had to navigate […]

Traditional rice pudding with vanilla and loads of nutmeg

It’s that time of year again, with a drop in temperature I thought it would be great to share a classic! Creamy,warming, flavoursome and extremely moorish, good old rice pudding. This is a very simple recipe with minimal fuss but big flavour. I prefer to bake the rice pudding as the milk reduces down and […]

Easy oaty granola bars

This recipe is more wholesome than healthy but a great way to use up any odds and ends of dried fruit and nuts. I used some dried apple, sultana’s, dried cherries and flaked almonds Recipe Ingredients: 115g butter 4 tbsp clear honey or golden syrup 25g castor sugar Pinch of sea salt 250g porridge oats […]

Easy Chocolate fudge cake recipe

I was recently asked to take a cake up to my mothers for a spot of tea, it ended up being like the great British bake off with the family contributing and becoming highly competitive! This was my effort, very deep chocolate flavour,gooey chocolate filling finished with praline and toasted flaked almonds for added texture. […]

My take on the classic Slivovitz

I was fortunate enough to be given a glut of foraged mirabelle plums from a fellow chef David Beazley, a local wild food expert ! It is quite traditional to make an eau de vie from the plums as they are known for their sweetness . Having recently drank Slivovitz in Slovakia whilst visiting the […]

How to prepare globe artichokes

With globe artichokes readily available and maybe even growing in your garden I thought it would be a good idea to show you how to prepare them ! Firstly pull the fibrous leaves from the stalk end of the artichoke until reach the pale base. Rub liberally with lemon juice as you go to stop […]