National Biscuit Day

Who doesn’t like a freshly baked biscuit or cookie?  And in celebration of this tasty treat, today is apparently National Biscuit Day. So in homage to the humble biscuit we bring you our recipe for our favourite biscuit/cookie here at Ashburton Cookery School.  It is of course a Chocolate Chip.  We dare you to eat […]

Griddled Baby Squid Stuffed with Crab & Prawns Served on Tomato & Chorizo Sauce

Tomato & Chorizo Sauce (2 Portions) Ingredients • ½ Medium sized chopped onion • 400g vine tomatoes • 50g cherry tomatoes • 2 tbsp. organic tinned tomatoes • 1 clove finely chopped garlic • 30g diced chorizo sausage • A pinch mixed dried herbs • Olive oil Method 1. Prepare the tomatoes first by placing […]

Slow Roasted Lamb from “A Cook’s Book” by Stella West-Harling

You will need Leg of lamb 1 Rosemary Garlic Bottle of wine or cider/ ale or meat stock 75cl Sea salt and cracked black pepper Method Heat the oven to 100°c/gas ¼. Take a roasting tin and put the leg directly onto it. First pierce the leg all over with a sharp knife, pushing rosemary and garlic […]

Albondigas with Chorizo, Squid and Clams

Spanish food is renowned worldwide. It’s so well regarded, in fact, that it’s the reason many visit this Mediterranean slice of paradise in the first place. As part of Villa Plus Eat Like a Local series, we’ve decided to home in on the splendours of Spain’s cuisine like you’ve never seen before. Ingredients For the […]

Pink Roasted Duck Breast with Caramelised Apples

  Pink Roasted Duck Breast with Caramelised Apples, Raspberry Vinegar and Cranberry Dressing   Raspberry Vinegar and Cranberry Dressing Ingredients ½ chopped shallot 40ml raspberry vinegar 1 tsp. clear honey 1 tbs. dried cranberries (chopped) Splash of water Sea salt & cracked black pepper 100ml olive oil Method Gently sweat the shallot in a little […]


Tiramisu Ingredients 300ml strong coffee 80ml Frangelico 2 tbsp. caster sugar 150g mascarpone 400ml double cream 2 tspn. vanilla extract 16 Savoiardi biscuits Cocoa powder Grated chocolate Method Whisk together the sugar, mascarpone and vanilla extract. Add the double cream and then whisk into the mascarpone mix. Whip the mix to thicken so that it […]