Drinks – Mulled Wine

w In the cold winter evenings, there is nothing as festive as the smell of an aromatic mulled wine filling the house.  It’s the perfect drink to share with friends, family and neighbours to spread that Christmas cheer.  PREP: 10 min COOK: 10 min SERVES: 4 Ingredients 250g Caster sugar 6 Cloves (whole) 1 Cinnamon […]

Roasted Partridge

Partridge is a classic alternative to turkey for Christmas with each bird one perfect-sized portion.  The meat is not too gamey, and it cooks quickly in 20 minutes.  You can have the birds prepared the day before. Serve either the whole bird per person or carve as demonstrated in this video. Serves: 2 Prep: 15 mins Cook: […]

Perfect Christmas Dinner – Side Dishes

Use our video recipes and guides below to help you prepare, cook and serve the Perfect Christmas meal this year. Pigs in Blankets Pigs in Blankets Brussels Sprouts Brussels Spouts Cauliflower Cheese Cauliflower Cheese Perfect Roast Potatoes Perfect Roast Potatoes Glazed Carrots Glazed Carrots Perfect Christmas Dinner Videos Planning your Christmas Meal Main Courses Turkey […]

Sides – Cauliflower Cheese

This classic British side dish is well worth the effort, with a simple cheese sauce over fresh cauliflower florets all roasted to a delicious golden brown colour. Why not make your own mark on this classic by adding your own choice of cheeses to the sauces. PREP: 20 min COOK: 15min Ingredients 200g Cauliflower florets […]

Puddings – Frosted Hazelnuts

So simple to make these festive frosted hazelnuts are delicious to nibble on through the day as a healthy alternative to chocolates.  Make in batches before Christmas and use as a garnish on desserts. PREP: 10 min COOK: 10 min SERVES: 4 Ingredients 100g Hazelnuts (roasted and skinned) 100g Sugar 100ml Water Method Place the […]

Puddings – Frangipane Mince Pies

A modern take on the traditional mince pies, these mincemeat and frangipane tarts combine all the flavour of Christmas into one mouth-watering package that will have everyone asking for more. PREP: 15 min COOK: 15 min SERVES: 4 Ingredients 400g Mincemeat 500g Puff Pastry 140g Softened Butter 140g Almonds (ground) 2 Eggs 140g Sugar 1 Lemon […]