Graduate Story – Sara

Sara Felix graduated from our Diploma in Professional Patisserie, and has just opened her very own Patisserie in Topsham, Exeter, called Sara’s Petite Cuisine, and we wish her all the very best.

1. Can You Describe The Kind Of Cook You Were Before Taking The Course?

Before taking the course I considered myself a self taught cook, trying every recipe i came across and giving it to my family members to try.

2. What Were Your Ambitions? Why Did You Want To Learn To Learn To Cook Professionally?

I always had the dream of opening my own patisserie, and the cooking knowledge I possessed by then wasn’t enough to deliver the quality I wanted and take on the challenges of running a patisserie

3. What Made You Choose Ashburton?

Before signing up for the chefs academy I had the chance to do day courses and weekend courses at Ashburton, so I could try the school out before committing for 15 weeks to a Diploma course. The cookery courses were so well organised and I learnt so much in such a short period of time that I was certain the 15 week commitment would help me to develop my skills and commence my career. The fact it was so conveniently located was also a bonus.

4. What Did You Think Of The Chef Tutor Team?

Our tutor was an exceptional, a perfectionist may I say. He was also very keen in teaching us the theoretical side of patisserie as it is as important as the practical.

5. Did You Feel More Confident In Your Cookery After The Course?

Definitely, confidence levels rose so sharply I don’t even use a ruler anymore(don’t tell Colin!). Of course i still have a lot to learn as i have only recently started my career as a pastry chef.

6. How Have You Used Your Cookery Skills After You Completed The Course?

Once I Left the school I got a job at a well-known bakery in Exeter and what I learnt at the school helped me to be organised in the kitchen. Furthermore,  as you know I’m using the skills I have started developing at the school on a daily basis, at my own Patisserie.

7. What Are Your Plans For The Future?

Expand my Patisserie and keep producing good quality pastries to my customers.

8. Would You Recommend The Course To Others?

Definitely, I learnt so much in such a short period. This course has definitely opened a lot of doors for my career.

9. Do You Have Advice For Others That Are Considering The Course?

Pay full attention from start to finish as every little detail is crucial and will make a difference in your future career.

Sara’s Petite Cuisine
80 Fore Street, Topsham,
Exeter EX3 0HQ

Open Monday – Saturday, 0900 – 1630.