Planning your Christmas Meal

Planning and preparation are vital to the success of your Christmas meal.


  • Imagine your perfect Christmas meal, the dishes, the table setting, and the flow of the meal. Write down all the dishes you want to serve, and sketch out a seating and table plan. Once you have a clear idea of your goal, you can start planning.


  • Review your chosen recipes and make up a shopping list of all ingredients.
  • Plan your pre-ordering, shopping, preparation and cooking times.


  • Review your kitchen equipment – do you have everything you need?Sharp knives, containers, pans, baking trays, foil, fridge/freezer space etc
  • Add any essential equipment to your shopping list, or borrow what you need in advance from family and friends.

4. Get Ahead

  • Every task you can complete before Christmas Day will take you one step closer to success.  Plan to get ahead as much as possible.  Prepare recipes in advance wherever possible. We give you some tips with each recipe.


  • Make sure you have a clock and a kitchen timer in the kitchen.
  • Use your recipe timings to build a cooking plan for the day. Build in additional time for tasks such as cleaning and washing up.
  • If you fall behind, adjust the rest of your timings to keep in control.


  • Work calmly & methodically through your task list.
  • Be prepared to improvise when things don’t work as planned.
  • Remember to enjoy your day.

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