Christmas Turkey – Step 4: Prepare The Turkey Legs

Taking our turkey legs, we will remove the drumstick and thighbone to leave us with a single piece of turkey leg meat that we can stuff and roll. It’s quite a straightforward process, so be brave and have a go – the results will be worth it.

Serves: 8 Prep: 25 mins


  • 2 turkey legs previously removed from turkey in Step 2
  • 400g pork stuffing mix made in Step 3


  1. Run the knife down the leg to expose the drumstick bone and the thigh bone.
  2. Run the blade under the thigh bone to release the bone from the meat, all the way to the joint between the bones.
  3. Release the drumstick bone by running under the tendons down to the ankle, cutting around the ankle to enable you to free the drumstick from the rest of the leg meat.
  4. Working your way back up to the joint, cut the joint away from the leg meat and remove the entire leg bone leaving just the leg meat behind.
  5. Retain the bones for making the gravy.
  6. Flatten out the leg meat and trim any excess skin and remove any sinews.
  7. Take the pork stuffing and spread over the surface of the leg meat.
  8. Roll the joint and tie with string.
  9. The turkey leg joint is now ready for cooking and will take around an hour in the oven.


Getting Ahead

You can prepare these stuffed, rolled leg joints on Christmas Eve and refrigerate.

Chefs Tips

Remember to have a thorough clear down after preparing the turkey, wash your hands and sanitise your work surfaces and equipment well to avoid any cross contamination.

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