Christmas Cookery Courses

Whilst it seems a tad too early to mention Christmas before summer has officially finished in this case we think we will be forgiven as these courses tend to book out once we launch them. That’s right, it’s our Christmas 1 Day Cookery Courses.

Our Christmas cookery courses run throughout December and are designed to give you some fresh ideas, new skills and confidence to make your festive holiday a memorable one (for all the right reasons).

Edible Christmas Gifts 1 Day – £165

A fun day making an attractive Edible
Christmas gift boxes for your family and friends.


Christmas Baking 1 Day – £149

Get baking with us to make your Christmas
extra special.


Christmas Party Food 1 Day – £149

Impressive Christmas entertaining with
professional quality party food…


Perfect Christmas Dinner 1 Day – £165

Get organised and inspired to cook the
perfect traditional Christmas meal…


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