Course Review: Introduction to Food Photography

Our first Intoduction to Food Photography Course has just recently debuted under the stewardship of professional photographer Jon Mackenzie.  This foundation course is perfect for anyone looking to get more out of their camera.  Capturing the essence of a dish in a picture is not an easy task, as anyone who has tried to do so will surely agree.

Jon starts the day with an in-depth look at the various functions your camera will possess.  He also goes into detail on the pros and cons of various types of camera.  High-end equipment is not necessary to get the most out of this course, and indeed on the first day, we had an interesting mix of complex and more basic devices.

Three graduates of Ashburton Chefs Academy were in attendance, as well as one of our staff members, all looking to get more out of the apparatus they have.  After covering the basic theory side of getting to know and work with your camera, Jon led a practical demonstration, before it was time for our students to take some shots.

“What amazed me was how it only took slight adjustments to massively improve the quality of my images” one of our students told us.  “I had been struggling with a camera that I deemed too complex for me for some time.  I had tried playing with every feature, but just wasn’t getting the results I wanted.”

“However, without understanding what I was doing, I was just getting lost.  Jon pointed me in the right direction, and the results were immediate.  Within seconds I was taking pictures better than anything I had managed before.  Now when I play with the features, I know what it is I’m doing, and what effect it is I’m going for.  It’s made a huge difference.”

All students were being taught how to shoot in natural light, with the use of reflectors/ diffusers as necessary, and learnt the importance of styling, composition, and use of props.  First they had a stack of Chocolate Brownies to decorate and shoot, and later, local Mackerel with salad.  The shots you can see of those items here were all taken on the day by our students David and Ken.  Quite impressive for a first attempt, I’m sure you will agree.

If the course proves to be popular in the long run, we will look at the possibility of running an advanced course where Jon will guide our students through the complexities of artificial lighting and post-production.  Considering the results achieved on the beginners day, we’re really looking forward to seeing what could be accomplished on an advanced course.

The next available date for Food Photography is 8th April.  So if you’re a keen food blogger, an enthusiastic foodie, or someone who’d simply like to show off their culinary and photographic skills on social media, find out more from our website.

The photos below come courtesy of recent graduate from our Professional Culinary Diploma, Ken.  He has continued to work on the fundamentals that tutor Jon has instilled, with fantastic results.  Keep up the good work.

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