Warm, Dark Chocolate Mousse. Perfect for Valentine’s Day.

If you’re cooking for someone special this Valentine’s Day, we have the perfect indulgence for you.

This easy to follow recipe is certain to gain you some culinary kudos.

We use Valrhona Dark Chocolate in our ingredients, and this recipe will make ten servings.


You will need…

• 300g Dark Chocolate

• 75g Butter

• 5 Whole Eggs

• 5 Egg Yolks

• 75g Caster Sugar

• A little Cocoa Powder


  1.  Melt the chocolate and butter together over a gentle heat.
  2. Mix the eggs, egg yolks and caster sugar together until the mousse is stiff.
  3. Fold the slightly cooled chocolate and butter into the beaten eggs and sugar.
  4. Place into a buttered metal ring, lined with cocoa powder and caster sugar.
  5. Bake in the oven at 170°c for 6 minutes, and allow to cool for a further 2 minutes.

We recommend this served with Pistachio Ice-Cream.

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