Exciting News At Ashburton.

2017 will bring some exciting changes at Ashburton Cookery School.  We are always looking for ways to update and improve the experience we offer our visitors, and we’re delighted to be able to share just some of the plans we have afoot.

We have listened to the suggestions and feedback that we have received from you, and we are delighted that we are able to implement some of these ideas in the new year.  We’ve also had our thinking caps on, and are happy to announce original courses, we think will be a great hit.

First, let’s start with something that I know many of you have been waiting for.  Introducing Teen Cuisine


Getting young people into good culinary habits early, is absolutely vital.  Knowing exactly what is going into your food, and how it is made, is more important now than ever before.  Many young people are conscious of this fact, yet have limited opportunities to develop these skills.  That is why we are very pleased to be running this purpose made course, designed specifically for 13-17 year olds.

On the course, students will learn a variety of skills and dishes that they can recreate for their family at home, but also serve as the perfect foundation to continue their developmental journey.  From basic knife skills to baking and pasta sauces, this course is to serve as the starting point for them to tackle dishes with confidence and courage, and to develop their palette.

The first date we have available to book is Saturday 8th April, with a few other dates also scheduled.  Due to the demand for this course, we may see it book up early, so we encourage you to get in touch if you are interested for yourself, or someone you know.

And now for something completely different…

Food Photography.


Food blogging is very big these days.  Even amateur bloggers may have thousands of regular readers.  Instagram and Facebook are constant platforms where people like to share their culinary successes (and failures).

Here at Ashburton, we specialise in helping people realise their potential and release the inner foodie inside themselves.  People of all abilities come to us, and are amazed at the things they create in the kitchen, that they had no idea they were capable of.

And the one thing everyone wants to do when their dishes are prepared, before they take a taste?  That’s right, take a photo.  The only problem is, taking a photo that does it justice.

Our introduction to food photography is run by commercial photographer Jon Mackenzie and will set you on the right path to taking great pictures.  You don’t need high-end camera equipment to get the most out of this course.  A simple point and click camera, or even at a push, your camera phone, and enthusiasm, is all you need.


Cocktail Masterclass.


Mixing up the perfect cocktail is as much as science, as it is an art.  It takes knowledge and skill to know how to best combine different flavours for the right effect.  On our one day Cocktail Masterclass course, we’ve called in the experts to assist.  Tutors from the award winning TigerMilk cocktail bar in Plymouth will be guiding you through basic methods of cocktail preparation: building, stirring, shaking, layering, muddling…and of course, tasting.

You will learn how to mix a range of classic and contemporary cocktails.  You will also be provided with course notes and directions to continue your foray into the world of mixology at home, or behind the bar.  We believe this course would be the perfect gift for an amateur cocktail enthusiast.  A free minibus service is available for this course, get in touch for more details.


Demo and Dine.

Perfect for individuals or groups.  In this two-hour dining event, you will get to see a delicious two course meal prepared from scratch during an entertaining and informative demonstration, by our expert tutors.  There is also a question and answers session for you to pick our chef’s brains, after which you will relocate to our dining room to enjoy this wonderful meal, with a glass of matched wine.  (Non-alcoholic drinks are also available).

Each Demo and Dine evening will offer a different menu, using local, seasonal produce.  The first is scheduled for 17th December, and the theme for this evening is an alternative taste of Christmas.  This modern twist on seasonal favourites, is destined to be a hit with those who are looking for an alternative to Turkey this year.

As always, you will pick up lots of tips and presentation ideas, and will be provided with Recipe Cards to take notes during the demonstration.  Scheduled to be a regular, monthly event in 2017, the event is available to book now into the new year.  January’s menu ‘Winter French Bistro’ is also available to view online.  Just follow the link, above.


Indian To Go.

The first of our brand new Cook To Go evening classes kicks off in January with the highly anticipated Indian To Go.  You will be guided step by step to make a beautiful, authentic Indian meal for two for you to take home with you.  This is a three hour cookery session, where as always, we will have all the best ingredients measured out ready, so you can get on with the fun task of preparing your delicious takeaway.

Along with your meal, you will also take home recipes, and the new skills you have learnt, so the next time you reach for that takeaway menu, you may just think to yourself ‘I can do better’.

If Indian food is not your thing, we also have our Italian To Go and Thai To Go debuting in the coming months.  Click on the links to see the menus our chefs have in store.  The course and meal is only £49.


Veteran’s Baking Weekend.

Ashburton Cookery School

Many ex-servicemen and women find the adjustment back to civilian life a challenge.  Falkland’s veteran and former Junior NCO in Her Majesty’s Royal Marines, Glen Bird, came to us with his concept of The Bootneck Baker.

The idea is to not only teach valuable skills to those who have previously been used to having every meal provided for them, but moreover, to act as a practical form of therapy for those who may be overcoming trauma, such as PTSD.

It is a fun weekend course (8-9th April) where rank and file doesn’t matter.  The focus is on learning and mixing with people who may have shared similar experiences.  We’re very glad to be supporting Glen in this worthy endeavour.  If you would like to register your interest, click on the link above the picture.

But that’s not all…


Refining and updating our current courses is an ongoing endeavour.  We have a brand new menu for your consideration on our Mediterranean Plus weekend, as well as the addition of the updated Fish and Seafood Plus menu.  With many other tweaks and improvements being made all the time, 2017 is shaping up to be a very exciting time at Ashburton Cookery School.  We hope to see you there.

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