Veteran’s Baking Weekend 8th-9th April

Many servicemen and women find transition back to civilian life difficult.  Some may be recovering from mental trauma, or be suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  At the very least, it can be a massive culture shock having an ordered, regimented life suddenly taken away.

This is where The Bootneck Baker comes in.  This is the brainchild of Falkland’s veteran Glen Bird, former Junior NCO in Her Majesty’s Royal Marines.  The concept is to teach the skills of cooking and baking to people who have been used to having three square meals a day provided for them.  Moreover, to use the process as a practical form of therapy, for those who are struggling with the challenges of re-adjustment.

This is a weekend course, taking place 8th and 9th April for the price of £295.  It will be run by Glen, with our expert chef tutors, in our purpose built kitchens.  There are spaces for a maximum of 16 participants, and there is an enquiry form to register your interest at the bottom of the page.

Attendees will create a tasty lunch and evening meal to enjoy together with a glass of wine or soft drink.  They will also bake bread and cake to take with them.  Course notes, recipes and a certificate will be given to all who complete the course.

The Bootneck Baker concept is in it’s infancy, but once operational, Glen hopes to provide a dedicated blog where veterans can discuss the course and provide feedback, but also serve as a forum where they can exchange ideas and recipes.  Furthermore, he is seeking the support of veterans charities for those who may need financial assistance in order to attend.

The idea of using cooking and baking as a form of therapy has been very well received, but it’s success will be largely down to the level of interest it receives.  So if you know a veteran you think may benefit from this course, please share it with them as well.  If successful, this could become a twice yearly event.

The menu for the weekend is as follows:


Foccacia bread

Blueberry muffins

Lemon drizzle cake

Chocolate brownie

Shortcrust pastry


Calzone stuffed pizza with wild salads, tomatoes and balsamic


Chocolate chip cookies

Profiteroles and Eclairs

Wholemeal spelt bread loaves

Ham and spring onion quiche

Pasty pastry


Beef and blue cheese pasty

Rank doesn’t count here, this is a fun social event, that will teach valuable life skills.  For some, it may act as a practical therapy, and an opportunity to mix with people who have shared similar experiences.  Complete our enquiry form below and share with others that you believe could benefit from this course.

At ease.