Student Stories – Annie

Professional Culinary Diploma

Annie is a recent graduate from the Professional Culinary Diploma course.  In this video she tells us a little about her experience training to become a qualified chef.

About the course

Our flagship chef training course is unique to Ashburton Chefs Academy. It incorporates 20 weeks of intensive, practical training from expert chef tutors leading to some of the highest industry recognised qualifications.  Ashburton Chefs Academy graduates leave with the skills to launch a successful career in professional cooking.

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One thought on “Student Stories – Annie

  1. I attended this course too and agree with what she says about the grounding it gives you. what I would add though is the real education starts day one of the first job. its a bit of a clique to say this but its really true. I was lucky in that I had a job sorted out before I even qualified, and t was hard hard and hard some more. fortunately I got the position though a small specialist catering agency called jobs to go, that helped a lot as they specialised in putting newly qualified staff into roles where they will be given more support in the early days, contrast that with my best friend who started at a top restaurant in Watford and nearly quit after 3 days. so in short target the right kind of position when you graduate.

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