How to prepare globe artichokes

With globe artichokes readily available and maybe even growing in your garden I thought it would be a good idea to show you how to prepare them !

Firstly pull the fibrous leaves from the stalk end of the artichoke until reach the pale base. Rub liberally with lemon juice as you go to stop it going brown.

Once done, cut the stalk off as close to the base as possible using a sharp knife.

Now cut the the top off the artichoke leaving about 2 inches on the base .

The next task is to trim around the base/heart of the artichoke to remove all of the petals but keep a good shape. Liberally rub with lemon juice.

With the artichoke heart now taking shape the last job is to remove the choke!
This can been scraped out with a teaspoon, again rub liberally with lemon juice.

The artichoke is now ready to be cooked. If you are not cooking them immediately then store in water and lemon juice to stop them browning .

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