The Rice Cube

As a chef i have always been an admirer of decent kitchen gadgets. Having recently been introduced to this by one of the students i thought it would be the perfect opportunity for me to share it!

The rice cube is a little gadget that does exactly what it says on the tin. it compresses cooked rice into perfect cubes.

I used the idea to produce a little pre starter to go on our charity dining club menu. So i made a batch of sushi rice and started playing around. I soon realised that you could stuff the rice, layer it, top it, encase it and of course eat it!


I made a very simple crab mayonnaise finished with plenty of lime juice to freshen it up. I stuffed this in the middle of the rice before pressing it in the cube. Then it was rolled in a even mix of toasted black onion and sesame seeds. But i couldn’t stop there, the dish needed more texture and a sauce to bring it together. So a light onion bhajia was made to sit on top of the cube and a fragrant coconut and lemongrass cream to sit beneath. This was garnished with some micro coriander to really finish it off and complete the dish.

You can also use any rice and it will still compress it into a perfect cube. That opens up a whole host of foodie treats that could be created, both sweet and savoury.

So all in all a fantastic gadget that would entertain the masses with its visual aspect but also the food and love that you put into it! Would highly recommend.

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