Good Food Guide Success for Graduate Tanya

We were thrilled to hear some recent news from Chefs Academy graduate, Tanya Young who for the last 3 years has been running Knife & Fork, her ‘pop-up’ home restaurant that has developed quite a following. “I am thrilled & delighted to find out that Knife & Fork is a new entry in the 2018 Good Food […]

Graduate Stories – The Supper Table

Not every student that joins the Ashburton Chefs Academy intends to launch a career as a chef in professional restaurant kitchens. Student ambitions are varied, from developing their own artisan products, working as personal chefs, or in the case of Clare Fenwick-Hyde (pictured below), launching their own business to suit their passion and life goals. Clare is the proprietor of […]

Graduate Stories – Clare’s Preserves

Many of the students that pass through our doors go on to lead exciting and lucrative careers within the industry.  It’s always great to hear back from ex-pupils and to learn about their successes and to think how we may have helped play a part in the new direction their lives have taken since they […]

The Competition is Hotting Up.

Next week we are delighted to be hosting South West Chef of the Year Junior and Home Cook finals. Staged by Michael Caines and Taste of the West, this prestigious event has been held since 2004 and has provided a career springboard for many in the industry. Even those who do not get crowned winner of […]

Meet the Graduate : Tanya

Name: Tanya Young Course Taken: Professional Culinary Diploma Graduated: June 2014 1. Can you describe the kind of cook you were before taking the course? I was a good amateur cook but I was aged 46 when I took the course so I had been practising for quite a few years! I think friends and family would […]

Meet the Graduate : Jane

Name: Jane Dunn Age: 23 Course Taken: Professional Culinary Diploma Graduated: June 2014 1. What kind of cook were you before taking the course? Before I started the course I barely cooked at home, but I baked a lot. My confidence skills were quite low, but I liked cooking your regular sort of dishes like Bolognese, lasagna, […]

Meet the Graduate : Rosie

Name: Rosie Dunningham Age: 22 Course Taken: Certificate in Professional Cookery Graduated: July 2015 1. What kind of a cook were you before taking the course? Cooking became a huge passion of mine during my first year of University, where I had to learn to cook myself in order to eat well! I discovered a […]